Virusjet is a powerful Air & Surface disinfection machine to treat rooms up to 1000m3


  • Patented diffusion & dry dispersion system for disinfectants.
  • 99% farther coverage than most conventional foggers.
  • Portable with a non-slippery handle.
  • No special training required.
  • No PPE protective clothing required.
  • Converts the liquid disinfectant into a dry mist.
  • Leaves no residue over surfaces.
  • Dispersion thru Patented nozzle technology.
  • Broad-spectrum of activity.
  • Uniform distribution of the particles in the room of 4-5 microns
  • Can also be used when there are electronic devices in the room.
  • hard-to-reach areas covered such as Airconditioning ducts.
  • Room volume adjustable from 10 to 1,000m3.
  • Auto shutdown after the disinfection process is complete.
  • Can be deployed to any enclosed space where disinfection is required.
  • No pre or post-treatment of the room necessary.

Virusjet Diffuser

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