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Virusjet Diffuser

Virusjet Diffuser


Virusjet is a powerful Air & Surface disinfection machine to treat rooms up to 1000m3.

Virusjet Disinfection Chemical

Virusjet Disinfection Chemical


A wide variety of microbiological effects, bactericidal and yeasticidal activity have been tested according to the 2015 VAH.


Virus Guard Disinfectant GmbH ,

Am Gestade 3/1E, 1010 Wien, Austria.  

Tel: +43 676 965 1502

* EU Logistics Centre


Virus Guard Imex Dezenfektan Dis. Tic. Ltd. Istanbul Ihtisas Serbest Bolge, Yeşilköy Sb. Mah. F Blok Sokak, F Blok Apt. No: 5 Bakırkoy, İstanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 531 938 7636

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